Styling Made Simple - Color Your Style World

Styling Made Simple - Color Your Style World

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I’ve always been a T-shirt and jeans kinda girl. I’m laid back, casual, and on the move with my kids so it worked for me. But I was also taking the easy way out because honestly, I was afraid to mess up an outfit by clashing. It was easy and correct to just pair some denim with any color top and go!

But shortly before I started L&L, I decided that I wanted to branch out more in regards to fashion combinations and liven it up with more color. So I did some research and came across the amazing tool that is: the color wheel.

So along with the wheel, I combined the rest of my research (because, Science) and created a great tool for others to use that gently immerses them into the pool of style.

Styling Made Simple: Color Your Style World is a downloadable tool that introduces you to COLOR! In it you will learn about:

• the color wheel
• color terms and definitions
• what hues you will naturally look better in
• how to coordinate your colors into ensembles
• the 5 most common color schemes + examples

So if you’re ready to color your style world, add your copy to your cart, purchase the pdf and get started!